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Our Projects

Animal Shelter Home: We will make a shelter home Duggu’s Shelter Home for the stray dogs and other animal where they will be taken care with extreme love and affection. We will have a rescue Van for the organization to pick up the animals who are suffering on road. We will open an animal hospital HAPPY VETENERY HOSPITAL where we will take care and make proper treatment to all animals. We will also organize regular health check up camps for pets and animals throughout India, free of cost. We in our organization will adapt all the stray dogs and animals taken from streets.

Charitable Hospital: We will open a charitable hospital SEBA SADAN for poor people, Farmers and destitute. We will provide free check up and medicines to the poor people. We will arrange maximum medical equipments for the better treatment for the people. We will have well experienced doctors in our hospital for the best treatment. We will have ambulance for the emergency services of the hospital.
Orphanage: We will open an Orphanage ASHRAYA NIKETAN for the children; we will take special care for the newborn babies who are threw out on roads by their parents and family. Our orphanage will have all types of medical equipments for the critical condition of the children. We will have well trained doctors and nurses for the orphans. We will arrange educational training for the orphans.

Old Age Home : We will open an Old Age Home SHANTINIKETAN where old people from all class will stay, who is driven out from their home by children in old age. We will have temple in our premises so that the old people can have mental peace over there. We will have separate building for the man and woman.

Dance & Music Institute: We had already opened a dance & music institute AANGIKAM where we will provide training to poor and all class of people to make them acquainted with our Indian culture.we are running Aangikam since 2000.we are affiliated with major university of music and dance. We organize regular workshop and programs for the development of the student.
Vocational Institute: We will open a vocational training institute KARMA BHUMI INSTITUTE for the poor for giving them better earning in future life. We will have various types of vocational training for the poor.we will have training kit for the poor.This will have them earn in their future.

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