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Old Age Home

For our old age home we need approximate Rs 6.0 Crores of donation for first year. We will have provision of 100 old people as a part of our Old age home.

Ageing is a sensitive period of life and is the time for happiness, peace and rejuvenation. In the mad rush of 21st century, one of the noble Indian traditional values of joint family with respect to the elders, welfare of the weak, diseased dependents being ignored or neglected. We cannot blame anyone for this global change, social challenge and human crisis. Unlike the institutional support in the developed societies with fair degree of sheltered homes for the senior citizens, we have serious issues in providing care to our seniors

The Shantiniketan will offer an amiable, comfortable and secure lifestyle so that you make the best of your golden years. In Shantiniketan, we put in use the best of our resources and skills so that you feel comfortable and secure, and most importantly, loved. With our forethought services we will try that your every day is filled with comfort, love and zest for life. As a part of our Shantiniketan member, you lead a tension free life without any stress of life. We will try our level best to make all the residents happy and forget the stress of parting from the family.

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