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Founder Secretary’s desk

Dear All,

Mrs. Sarbani Bhattacharjee General Secretary Principal Of AangikamScan0011-194x300Looking at years gone by, we see ourselves to have come a long way. This journey has not been smooth but surely, full of rich and varied experiences. It has helped each one of us to evolve and grow as an individual and together as an Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation. More so, the experience we have as a result of our Endeavour which involved our children, parents and community has deepened our realization that purpose culture in the present day context needs to be questioned seriously.

It is very important for us to look at children as a powerful resource of our future as a tool to empower children to question, perform, reflect and communicate powerfully to the changes. In the past ten years we have continuously made attempts to make our Organisation a best and renowned body of the society. For the best quality and knowledge we have taken affiliation from the world renowned University of Music And Dance “Bhatkhande Sangit Vidhyapith” and “Pracheen Kala Kendra”. For that we have yearly examinations. So round the calendar year we make our students busy in examinations, to secure best position, marks, grades, rewards or introducing approach over teaching music and dance or allowing children to invent new ideas.

We can assure you that we stand committed to the cause of education through music and dance, Vocational Training etc. We will leave no stone unturned to achieve our mission. Every parent who has been with us through this period knows what a roller coaster ride it has been. I would like to thank each one of you for supporting in on all loops and curves and encouraging us to do the best for our children. Thank you also for trusting us with your most priceless gift. This is my promise to the new comers also that we will not let anyone of you down.

I am really very grateful to N.D.M.C for their grand help. Otherwise our One of the dream project Aangikam may not have burst into such a beautiful flower.

So I need the help of you all for make our Organisation a world best resource of various aspects of learning institute. It has been a challenging journey so far and we have to go more challenges in the coming up future.Toghether we still have a long way to go……………………………

Mrs. Sarbani Bhattacharjee

General Secretary

Principal Of Aangikam

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