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Animal Shelter Home

For our shelter home we need approximate Rs 1.5 Crores of donation for first year. We will have provision of 100 dogs as a part of our Shelter home.

We will have to purchase land and then build kennel. We will make arrangement for minimum 100 dogs. We have to build small SRO (single room occupancy) for the staffs to stay over there. We will keep adding members to our forum for the maximum collection of donation for the fulfillment of the dream project.

Our Duggu’s Shelter Home is a project where we need more than 1 Crore of funds to be utilized. To start we have to purchase a land nearby Delhi with a distance range of 30 to 60 km from the heart of the city. For such a shelter home of 100 dogs we need minimum 3600 sq.ft area of land. In which open area of minimum 1000 sq.ft is required for the cleaning and washing for the dogs of the shelter home.


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