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About Us

Chairman Vision


The school owes its origin from the founder father, whose dynamic vision has led to a futuristic approach towards culture in accordance with the changing needs of the new millennium.Pt. Rammohan Maharaj Kathak Maestro

Education through culture is the foundation of life that keeps the wheel of progress and development running. Music and dance is the neutron energy of the wholesome learning program that facilitates the student’s quest for knowledge, enhancing the quality of life and preparing for the practical world. Education has no other alternative but culture plays a vital role to capture the students mind and mend them to have a good and cultured behavior. Personality development also plays an important role for a good future.                                                                                                            

Our initiative is to help the children to develop their fullest potential. To teach anything the teacher should be very friendly and have to react like a parent. The secret of entering the innocent mind lies in the art of caring. We always try to teach the student the traditional environment like Guru- Shirshya parampara. Here we take each and every child as a father child relation and nurture them with proper teaching. To make the student a good artist and to put the cultural essence in them it is very essential that we should take care of proper and best quality of training.

My dream for Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation is now raising the steps to prosperity and reality. All my staff and teachers are working hard to make the Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation a world renowned body for development of all aspect of the modern generation. Lastly, I would like to pay my gratitude to all of you, without you our rising is not possible. I really thank you for supporting and trusting us for being the Guru of your children.

Finally, I would like to thanks N.D.M.C for their humble support to us for starting our Aangikam Dance & Music Institute.

Pt. Rammohan Maharaj
Kathak Maestro

Our Aims


Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation (Regd.) at National level is established on 2002. The Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation got its full strength afteDance and Music instituter the registration. The Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation is Tax free under section 80-G of Income Tax.

The Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation has very big vision. We want to have an Orphanage, a Hospital not only this the vision is to open many more institute for all class of people, special interest will be taken in poor class people. For this vision the Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation needs inflow of a big amount of money, since our N.G.O is self-supporting we need to have inflow through every source.

We have already started our Dance and Music institute since 2005.We have various subjects like Kathak dance, Hindustani Classical, Guitar, Casio, Painting, Tabla. We also have western dance like Jazz, Hi pop, Rock n Roll, Salsa. We have now More than hundreds of students in our institute. We have the affiliation from the famous Bhatkhande Sangit Vidhyapith, so that the future of the Students may get bright with a valuable degree from such a reputed University. We have self-supported the events like workshop and program in Tripura, Lucknow, Khairagarh, Jharkhand, Raipur, Vrindavan and other places.

For poor people we have free classes, we provide free coaching to orphans. We gave weekly lunch to the poor people. Our Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation provides free medical checkup and free medicines to poor and needy people once in a month.

We are just trying to spread our culture to the coming up generation. We want to save the life of poor people in India. We want to help the illiterate to achieve literacy. So that our country can get small support from our Shambhu Maharaj Cultural Organisation in literacy Campaign.

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